What to do if my mom invites the guy she cheated with over dinner?

Ok so to those of you who have been following my recent questions you already know my story. So my mom decided to invite the guy I saw her cheating with to dinner. ARE you KIDDING ME! I was so mad @ her, I embarrassed myself @ the dinner table, by getting all teary eyed and then I stormed out. Stupid me tried to tell my dad, but I couldn’t break his heart. This is getting ridiculous, what to do now?

Answer #1

omg the same thing happend to me ! I was so pissed because I was sick that day and she made me go out do dinner with her and him. I was really mean to him, like sarcastic and I just tried to ignore him, I was really mean to him, and my mother. I felt kinda bad about it, but really she knew I was sick. so yeah. and do exactly what mowen41 said and talk to your mom aftr words. hope that helps :)

Answer #2

just act like you dont know when he’s there.. then talk to your parents after he leaves..

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