What to do i m 19 and i have small breast what to do to increase them?

I m 19 going to turn 20 in few months I have very small breast what should I do to increase them and I m even short and skinny please tell me what to do

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I have small boobs too, although I am probebly not fully done devoloping I dont think ther're gettin much bigger. But, I was told that if you do push-ups and increase that muscle, even doin little boob flexes will make that muscle stronger and a litle bigger not only might they increase in size abit but they wont sag as you get older! hope this helps! ;)

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Non-surgery - use padded bra, push-up bras, fillets (silicon inserts) they look and feel like the real deal and gives you a nice bust cleavage. No-one can tell if they are fake, until your remove your bra.

Surgery - if the above isn't your cup of tea.

Be happy with little boobs, it's more practical to have little breasts then large ones. Imagine carrying two large jugs around everyday. Think of this, a person can increase their boob size by using other methods but one cannot reduce it unless they opt for surgery or wear hugh, ugly minimiser bras…..So join the 'little boob' club, you are not alone :)

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at 19 your finnished going through puberty
to make them actually bigger you will either need to
gain a lot of weight all over your bodyor get surgery
and for temporarily making them bigger use padded and push-up bras

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I agree with the previous answers. And, if you're worried that guys won't find you attractive, think again - petite girls are utterly attractive!

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Here's an idea - just accept it. It's the body you were born with and you shouldn't try to change yourself. I had tiny boobs until I was 27 - and got pregnant. Now they are absolutely HUGE and my back hurts all the time. Wait until you are responsible enough to start a family - then your boobs will get bigger than you ever wanted them too.

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