What to do for the summer?

  • the town that I live in is small, and not a lot to do. There is movies, but most people think those are lame since you cant even talk while your watching them. There is the beach, but during the day all of our parents work. So we have no way there. Any one have any ideas on what me and some friends can do during the day (or night hehe) now that school is out?
Answer #1

ummm…summer school??? lol thats what im doing, but then again the only reason im doing it is to go out afterwards…but I live in a big city so we have everything here. the only thing I can suggest is just go out and have fun. do things at the spur of the moment! those are always the funnest!

Answer #2

oh the skytrain is out there, its great…although I bus it to the skytrain..but its SOO worth it XD. metrotown is so great.

Answer #3

hmmm that really sucks haha, but its nice to hear the skytrain is up and running out there now :), I would try the video camera idea, or camping out back with bonfires… And take tons of pictures to make a movie to shar ewith everybody of the 2008 summer adventures, and go on adventures! they are funnn… ahaha

Answer #4

Have they finished the skytrain expansion to langley yet? If they have, jump on that in the morning and go to MetroTown For the day, I love that place its an insane malll its sooo big and there is so much to do… Make sure you go with a couple friends… If the skytrain isnt out there yet then go for a hike or something and take lots of pictures or invest in a video camera and make movie for the summer :) do a bunch of random things and put it together into a movie to share with everybody!!!… Goodluck its been a few months since I’ve been out there.

Answer #5

shaving cream fight throw a party have a bonfire

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