What do you do after kissing?

ok so I've never kissed a guy but I had this dream that I was sitting on a log hanging over water with a guy and we kissed but after that we just sat there looking at each other.. so what do you do if your like looking at each other and you kiss but after that you just look at him what do you do or say then.. remember this was only a dream!

Sorry guys didnt realise that sum of you didnt no what pashing was..its slang for french kiss

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Thank you for changing the slang term for that-

I think that in real life- It will be different- and it will just come natural what to do afterwards. There is no wrong or right thing, and its something you dont need to worry about right now!!

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If it was only a dream, why would it matter what you would say or do?

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you just sit there with eachother and talk or you can just lay there with his arm around you and put your head like on their shoulder or on their stomach or something.

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