What to do about my nasty, annoying neighbors???

Okay, I just moved in here about a year ago, and the people who live above me (2 family house) moved in about a month after me. Since they have been here, they have been nothing but trouble. They are loud, rude, and tactless. They don’t blast music but they do everything else. They have a 7 year old who STOMPS like CRAZY when she walks..it’s awful. Plus they are slways slamming sht around and dragging furniture aross the floor, and they are doing things like this all day and a lot of the night..sometimes until midnight! I have tried everything possible to get them to stop being so rude. I have left notes at their door, I have spoken with them in person, I have tried telling them that I have a 2 year old who is constatly woken up by their noise (which is completly true). They say they will “try and keep it down”, but they never do!! The 7 year old is always running back and forth or stomping all the time. She ended up knocking over 3 things that I have on tables or cabinets kinda tall towards the ceiling from the massive stomping and running. Two of the things were glass and broke when smashed int othe ground. I think this is just too much and no one should have live like this while paying friggen rent to live here. I do not pay to listen to this garbage day in and day out. The thing is…and this is the part I’m most pissed off about…we spoke to the landlord several times about this. And all she said was that there is nothing she can do about it. She said she doesn’t want to confront them about this because it would make her look like she’s “taking sides” and she doesn’t want bad blood between her and them. She said all I can do is call the cops. So I did call the cops. All the cops did was go up there and tell them to keep it down, and she did keep it down for that night. But the next week, me and my boyfriend were having an argument..weren’t even loud and it wasn’t even for long at all..maybe a few minutes.. and the b&th upstairs called the cops on US!!! So basically all that happened from me calling the cops was pissing her off and making her call th cops on us just to spite us. Then she called the cops on us again when I was playing music duing th DAY at a considrable volume. But yet she has been playing her music up there..heavy metal…VERY loud. So it’s become like a cop calling war. Not only that, but she has began butting into my personal life now too. She told my boyfriend that I have “company” over everyday when he leaves for work. (Which he already knows about…but still that’s not the point). She constantly calls up my boyfriend and makes up lies..like one time last week she said that one of my friends was running up and down the driveway yelling and shetold them to stop and they told her to go fck herself. This is ENTIRELY untrue. No one was even in the driveway. She even called up complaining about an argument me and her got into THREE months ago! She said that I called her a cnt (which I did) and she also said “this has to stop because I don’t wanna have to fight her and get in trouble with the law”…Pfff…fight ME? The day that argument happened I TOLD her to come down and fight me and she just stood at the top of the stairs like the little pssy that she is. She is causing me and my boyfriend to fight like CRAZY now because of all the stress she is causing. She said the other day that we were being so loud that her husband said he had to stick his head out the door and yell down for us to shut up. But that day we didn’t fight or even ARGUE for that matter. We were having a great day that day. I think she has major issues, like seriously. But that’s not my friggen prblem. There’s something obviously wrong with her head. And all the landlord gives a flying fck about is getting her monthly rent money from us. She has done absoluely NOTHING to help us or warn them or anything. Everywhere else I lived, if something like this happened, the landlord would warn them, and if they kept doing it, they would get evicted. But now this landlord is just like Oh well you’re on your own, theres nothing I can do about it. Is this even LEGAL for the landlord to do this? Don’t they have to sign something before legally becoming a landlord that says they will make sure their tenants have a quiet and undisturbed living environment? I mean, it just doesn’tseem right that she can just sit there and brush us off like she is while still collecting our damn money every month, which is more than this place is worth as it is. It even says in the lease that tenants have the right to a peaceful and undisturbed environment, or something like that. And that if the neighbors are making noise after 11pm it is unacceptable and a breach of the lease. Anyone who can help me with this? Thanks.

Answer #1

I cant read all of that make it shorter!!!

Answer #2

ok lol it took a while but I read the whole thing…sounds like shes a b**ch..so anywho…you should lie to the cops and say that she is constantly cussing at you and that she is always making a huge racket and that you cant sleap at night because of all the noise…give her a taste of her own medicine.

Answer #3

why dont you move out to a house were you dont have people leaving on top of you. move out or you are going to keep having those problems . I would move out.

Answer #4

And that’s the thing about calling the cops on them though…they always do it right back to us. Except the difference is that SHE is lying about her reason for calling. She will say we’re fighting wicked loud or blasting music when its not even true. But when we call its the truth. But there’s no proof that what she is calling for is a lie. We tell the cops everytime shes lying but cops hear that crap all day ya know? So whats gonna make them believe us over them…nothing.

Answer #5

jajaja ! she is a b*tch dam I dont know what to teel you. well you dont have to buy a house you can rent a house and they dont ask you for your credit.

Answer #6

Ha, I would move out if I could. We had problems with the house we had before and ended up having it foreclosed. We looked for a place but I have no job and my boyfriend has bad credit and I have no credit so it wasn’t easy. I found this place by accident and it ended up being rented out by a lady I used to work with, which is why I think we got it in the first place. It would be perfect if it weren’t for the stupid tactless b*tches upstairs!

Answer #7

in your lease ot says you have the right to a peaceful living environment. you should record your nieghbors when they get loud, seach for a new place, and move out. when the landloard says you broke your lease and goes to sue you get a pro bono attorney and counter sue for your rent back in the months you were harrassed with noise. keep a copy of your lease and get the police records for the court date also. another thing is in most states if you are harrassed by someone 3 times and you call the cops each time you can get a restraining order on them. if you do that your nieghbor has no choice but to leave the property. goodluck!

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