What to do about hair loss?

What to do about hair loss?

Answer #1

First you might want to figure out what is causeing your hair loss. If its stress, or a new medication. Or just simply falling out. If its stress, your diet, or medication there a simple things you can do to stop it. If its stress then you probably need to find something to releave the stress, and figure out whats causeing the stress. Medication, just simply stop taking that medication and if your hair stops falling out then that’s what it is. But most of then time if you just stick with taking the knew med. your hair will start growing back. now if its just falling out. well then there isn’t much you can do about that.

Answer #2

Hair loss can affect men and women of all ages. Many article studies that single men and women who had begun losing hair in their early twenties are more suffer from depression and feeling less attractive and they think older they actual are. When you want to control your hair loss, you should avoid too much stress and eat some healthy food and don’t iron your hair too much and should use some hair treatments and some hair care products like Reloxe that actually helps to cure your hair losses.

Answer #3

I used to have that problem before and thought i was going bald after my friend advised me to use vitamins for hair loss called”Reloxe” which really helped to regrow my hair.

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