I have friends who wont call me for movies and stuff

I have friends who wont call me for movies and stuff.I can hear them discussing about going to the movies,yet when I ask 1 of then,they say their not sure.they talk to me but they dont want me to me in their project.I really dont know what to do.I go to a catholic school and I stay in a class the whole day,meaning ill see them all the time and it is really hard for me to make other friends because I dont change classes..I really need to do something…anyone please help

Answer #1

oh wow. I go to a catholic school but we don’t stay in only one class. we have 7 different classes. but thn again I don’t know wht grade your in. but thts crazy. I would hate to stay in only one class.

but about these “friends” of yours. im sorry to tell you this but they are not your friends. their just people you tlk to in class &and they tlk to you. b|c if you had friends thn they would actually invite you to go places with thm. so these “friends” of yours aren’t your friends.

but if you think that they are actually your friends, thn why don’t you ask thm one day why they never invite you to go places w| thm ?!! &and see wht they say. but I personally don’t think they are your friends.

but don’t let thm get to you, im sure you will find good friends one day (:

Answer #2

I just say you b straight up wit them all in all if they dont want to hang wit you id quitin bein friends wit them thats how I lost a few friends that I thought were cool you just got to make new ones

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