what does Core mean as in core game?

what those the word “core” Mean Like “Core Game”.I never heard that word before so im wondering and I saw it on the sims so any idea what it means???

Answer #1

no… hardcore game mode is called hardcore..

theres no short for it :)

Answer #2

It might also be used in comparison to hardcore game.. In COD there’s normal and hardcore mode, hardcore gives you less health and no hud. The normal mode is often called core.

“dude, I hate hardcore, I only play Core game modes”

Answer #3

Sims 3… (just for argument sake is a core game) If EA release an expansion pack called Sims 3: The Trip To Oz

you wont be able to play Sims 3: The Trip To Oz without the core game which is Sims 3

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