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okay I like this guy and I guess he likes me well get to the main story okay I kissed him and he was very shocked and said that was unexpected and I think I did around his friends so I talked to him later on and asked him what happened? he sais=d he wanted a kiss on the cheek which I gave him andthen he asked for another one but it look like he wanted to kiss me so kissed him. but yea anywayz I asked do you wanan be friends? he saiid yeah for now and I was like what you mean For now? he says I want to be friends For now as it is ---> my question means what means FoR NOW AS IT IS?

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It means that he may have feelings for you, but he is unsure of what to do about them. It could mean anything, he might like someone else too, he might not be ready to date someone just yet, he might be scared to get into a relationship, he might want to take things slow. Just give it time and let things go with the flow.

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