what things women like to talk about on a date.

what things women like to talk about on a date because I dont know I dont wanna be all silent or talking only about sports I dont know what women like to talk about if I have a date.

Answer #1

talk about what she likes to do and what you like to do, ask he questions about herself but just don’t make it seem like an interview

Answer #2

okay I’m going to be honest women like to talk about themselves

some dont know it but they do its a fact for most women anyways so if you ask her about herself and listen eagerly she will feel loved and importent to you which is a fantastic feeling to have on a date

just seem interested in her and she will return the favor by wanting to know about you

also talk about what YOU are comfortable talking about, maybe not sports, but hobbies things you both like to do, expirences ect

let the conversation flow and if things get quiet just try to bring up a new subject or tell a story

hope this helps! :D

Answer #3

haha, skittles286 is pretty smart. women do like to talk about themselves, so just ask her questions about herself. ask her about her interests, and hobbies, and about other stuff :]

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