Why do my boyfriend's family always talk in a separate language?

first, sorry bout the lame title, but I couldnt ask this question because it seemed similar to others but its not >.< My boyfriend is korean, and I am english. We are in the uk and staying with a korean host. she seems really nice, but when its the 3 of us, she always uses korean, and I feel kind of left out, because I dont understand much T.T should I say something? or respect the fact they dont get to use there own language much? help please

Answer #1

I suggest mentioning to your boyfriend (in a very nice way) that you feel uncomfortable with not understanding his language and if they would mind at least speaking English when you are around. That is if she can speak English well. It might be difficult for her to communicate and then there won’t be much you can do about it.

In my culture it is considered good manners to speak the language that your guests can understand, however it may not be the same in their culture. So try and understand that as well, not everyone thinks the same about things.

Another approach is to make an attempt to learn some Korean (just a few words here and there). That might make her more open to speaking English when all 3 of you are there, especially if she knows that you are making an attempt at also understanding her.

Answer #2

I have indian friends and when im round my m8s house they all speak english

when im not there they speak indian

its called being respectful…

I dont want to sound rasist because im not and I have loads of black and asian m8s… but if they speak their own language infront of you and they know you dont understand it then why are they speaking it?

I would find that pretty rude and im a easy going bloke :)

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