What the hell does WATAGATAPITUSBERRY mean?

Heard this crazy song and I want to know what watagatapitusberry means.

Answer #1

your freaded face

Answer #2

prabably some random weird people use in their songs to fill in the beats of stupid stuff because they have nothing else to say to fill the song out

Answer #3

hahaha I LOVE that song. I don’t know spanish but I love it for some reason. look it up on youtube and watch the “official video” theres a couple boys and they dance and stuff.. its funny. but it means someethhinngg like hits girl for vagina ? I don’t know its slang from neighborhoods of dominican republic.. but I don’t know much about it I just remember looking up what it means.. so I would go into further research haha :)

Answer #4

Wata = hits, , Gata= girl, pitus= for your, berry= vagina urbandictionary.com (: haha

Answer #5

What do I have to do to hit that berry?

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