What the hell does it mean??

I just got out of a relationship with this girl who said she really liked me and we were happy together. we spent time together and did normal couple things. But then she said im really sweet and nice. and she said that she wants to take a break.From everything going really well to it spinning out of control. How can a guy be to sweet and to nice?? And before you say girls like guys to be a bit tough, I did protect her and all.. she said I was perfect but apparently not for her.

Answer #1

*I meant that id get attached to him, then he’d leave me. I’ve been hurt a lot and I cant help feeling like that. :/

Answer #2

shesyoung she wants to experiment with other people… maybe your relationship was becoming to serious for her

Answer #3

Some girls just can’t take being in a good relationship. Its sad but there’s nothing you can do about it.

Answer #4

maybe she’s had experienced all the sweet things with you, that she has to crave for somewhat more than you can give… maybe consider givin her ample space, let her think, and do some kind of realization of what can contribute to the two of you bein a much better couple… sometimes, bein too perfect means boring… sad fact about bein the right person for that special someone… :(

Answer #5

u sound exactly like my x boyfriend. and from my point, I reallyy reallyy liked him, but he liked me more. I was afraid that he’d get too attatched or something, then leave me. or that I wouldnt like him as much, and he’d get hurt worse. I dont even know anymore. im trying to be his friend but its not working really. just give her some space and time to clear her mind out. I wish my x would do that for me…

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