What do guys mean by "i just want a break"?

when I guy says to you " just right now I want to break just right now and maybe things will settle by then" when your going out with this person?...what the heck is really saying or doesnt have the gutts to say ?
because from what I hear when they say they just want to break what they really mean is I want to break up but im too chicken to actually say it...

what does it mean to you when a guy says to you " I just want a break right now and maybe things will settle by then?"

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tell me about it there to afraid of getting what coming to them if they offically say" its over"

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well its better by saying " its over " and making things clear then by giving us false hope and making us think that we still have a chance

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I'd rather have some guy say that to me other than my ex breaking up with me
in front of all of friends..

but yea they mostly mean they dont like you anymore,or maybe he kinda loves you
but isnt quite shure about it,and want's to find out..


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well when they think they are not hurting our feelings by saying I just want a break but really they just make it worse

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Thank you girls your the best

I think if you want to break up with someone you should just say it instead of being a chicken

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They're just cowards, it isnt about hurting you but about protecting themselves...
Any guy who does this is def not worth it...

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That is what I have heard too... they're just too chicken to make a clean break of it...

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I hate it when guys say that...If I they want to break up with you they should be man enough to say "its over"

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I think they want to be able to mess around with other girls, but still have the benefits of being with you

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Maybe be they we just don't want to hurt you much by saying "its over"

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