What twilight team are you on ?

What twilight team are you? a)Team Edward b)Team Jacob c)Team Shut-F*ck-Up d)Other

Answer #1

I’m more towards Edward.

Answer #2

nether it just interesting to watch how come they havent created a vampier/werewolf crossbreed?? ya know just something to think about…

Answer #3

I’m with Team Pokemon!! but I like the cross bred name though…

Answer #4

Personally I’m team e) Real vampires don’t glitter team like: ifeelcrazy123 and btw if you cross bred edward and jacob I think it’d be TEAM JACWARD

Answer #5

If I’m not mistaken, there actually IS stuff out there with werewolf/vampire mixes. It’s not a brand new concept, folks.

Answer #6

team jacob…very sexy

Answer #7

B: team jacob. hes kind caring and Taylor Lautner who plays him is so damn hot!:):):):) what would happen if you were half vamp, half wolf??? Something 2 get you people thinking!! :):):):):0

Answer #8

B. Team Jacob. A lot of girls are just changing their minds from team edward to team jacob because of new moon. I’ve been with jacob since the first book :)

Answer #9

Team B ;D wth is wrong with her? :|

Answer #10

Team Lestat. Because real vampires do not sparkle.

Answer #11

B) JACOB // they picked the worst person to play endward.. hes so not hott!?!?!?!? // and bella wth her real name is a horrible actress too? what were they thinking?!?!?!?

Answer #12

e) Real vampires don’t glitter team.

Answer #13

the real men don’t sparkle team.

Answer #14

If I had to choose I’d probably pick Team Edward. But like the one person said it’s just interesting to watch

Answer #15

Team Jacob (:

Answer #16

Team Edward all the baby. He’s sexy and really men sparkle. Anyways I don’t some hairy smelly anger issues mutt hanging around me. :F it’s a vampire. I’m also other too I’m team Alice,Jasper,Rosalie,and Emmet too. So pretty much Im team Cullen but Edward is by far my favorite but Alice is a close second.

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