What steps should I take to become a(n) ultrasound tech.?

Well what should be my step by step plan to becoming an ultrasound tech. Like what schools are the best && worst,, what should I look out for,, what kind of education should I need etc. … Im still going to look up more information I just wanted to know if anybody here knows a good step by step plan to becoming one


Answer #1

look out for schools that are NOT accredited. many times they are scams.

You want a degree, not just a certification.

Also inquire about the teachers and professors, to make sure they are actually certified teachers.

Many times these scam schools are called “institutes”

Go with an accredited college or university

xox Sika

Answer #2

it can be helpful to talk to some places that do sonography about what courses are the best ones to do, and also to get work experiance if possible. I know a girl who did some work experiance with a medical imaging clinic and they paid for all her training and employed her a tech once she was qualified.

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