What sounds do guys like hearing during sex?

What sounds do guys like hearing during sex, foreplay, bj’s/hj’s?


What things can I do for foreplay? What are good things to say during sex?

Answer #1

moaning is a must but never exagerate.. good things to say during sex.. well ..u can never go wrong with more and harder :D things you can do for foreplay get on top of him still in underpants and make out while you move back and forth and make him give attention to your boobs hope that helps.

Answer #2

moans are best believe me if you give a guy a bj and moan on his penis he will echo you because the vibrations feel good to him when I give my boyfriend an hj I tend to kiss on his neck and his lips and do a little mmm its simple and it expresses how I feel about pleasing him and he likes it because he knows I like pleasing him guys like to know their pleasing their women not in a yay im pleasing her way all the time though usually its a yeah im the man she even likes it when she pleases me im not saying all guys are like that but guys the good guys dont want you to do something you arent gonna want to do and the jerks think like how I described =p so basically if you dont like it pretend you do if you do like it show it hope I helped -Cyn

Answer #3

It really depends on the type of guy. Some guys don’t like really sluty things and some do…

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