What song describes my love situation?

So, I have been off and on with this guy for a year. We made things official again last christmas. We keep having the same problems and he wont change. Do you know any songs like this? Please no heavy rock :)

Answer #1

I think if you situation is about not feeling loved but, another guy likes you then listen 2 “According 2 u” its like.. According to you I’m stupid I’m useless, I can’t do anything right..” But I don’t know what your situation is sooo.. I hope I help a lil’ bit.. :/

Answer #2

my heroine my silverstein theres a rock version and acoustic I enjoy both and im I the same situation

o ‘the end’’ also by silverstein

Answer #3

actually love drunk by boys like girls is better.

Answer #4

made things official? as in getting back together or breaking up? >.<

Answer #5

Bored of Your Love by Meg and Dia…I love it :)

Answer #6

I had something EXTREAMLY similar to that last year and here we go again made me feel not alone

Answer #7

here we go again by Demi lovato

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