What - So, my fingers hurt :/ -?

I’ve been playing a nylon-stringed guitar for like a year and a half.. And the other day, I got an Acoustic with steel strings =D

And I played it literally almost all day yesterday, but my fingers are killing me D: But I love playing it! So can anyone recommend anything? advice? Or just get used to it ;)

Danke x

Answer #1

Honestly, you just gotta get used to it. After a few weeks of (or even days) of consistant practice, you’ll develope calouses on your fingers that keep them from hurting when you pressdown on the strings.

Answer #2

cant you buy 1 of them special rubber guitar things that go on your fingers…

I dont know 4 the life of me what their called but they are a special thing for guitarists that they wear on their fingers :)

Answer #3

get used to it I think if your going to be playing your guitar often I think your fingers will adapt to it mine were the same when I started

Answer #4

Haha thanks everyone ^^ I’m used to it now =D

Answer #5

put bandaids on the tips of your fingers

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