What size bra am I?

what size bra do you reacon I am?

Answer #1

Hmmm… I would not know, but like lex_icon said, you should go to a lingerie store and have one of the assistants help you. I guess around a B or a C…the other part of the size I would not know. Srry…

Answer #2

exactly darling… nobody gives a flying rip. before you go all “ well look at your questions” on me again…

my questions… got real answers… but nice try…

Answer #3

If you are unsure as to what your bra size is, may I suggest going to a lingerie store, and having one of the helpful assistants measure you up. They can accurately assess your bra size, and suggests different bras to give them the support and comfort you need.

Answer #4

actually I found out on sat that im a d16

Answer #5

I honestly know nothing about bra sizes… A is small? or big? I dont know

Answer #6


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