What shoulld I do, his ex is having his baby?

Okay so I have been dating this guy for about 4 monthss. And we recently figured out his ex is having his baby, I dont know what to do any adviceee?

Answer #1

if you two don’t hate his ex then try to become friends with her. I’m sure he wants to have a relationship with his child and the mother won’t feel comfortable with her child being around you two if she can’t trust or like you. and it’d be a good experience for you. in the meantime just focus on your daily lives but give support, both to yourselves and to her.

if you two hate her and you don’t like what I said above then just forget about the mother and child. you’ll move on.

Answer #2

I’m going to real with you. I’ve seen this go down with my sister and her relationship and a few of my friends. When a child becomes involved in a situation and he’s a man and takes care of his responsiblities like he should the entire dynamic changes. Just be prepared that you will no longer be the number priority in his life. His child will be and having and begin with child he’s going to have to deal with the mother also.

Be prepared that sometimes you might have plans and they get cancelled because, an issue with the baby might come up and she will need him to there with her. You can be there to it’s all about communication. Walking into this though you can’t be a jealous person. You have to trust and understanding with him. Also you have to ready to deal with ex because she is the mother. There will be birthdays and holidays. You don’t have to like the ex but if you love him, deal with her enough so he can see his child, if that’s what he wants.

I recommend you sit down and talk to him get a better understanding and then go together and talk to the ex. See how the vibe is and if she’s willing to communicate with the two of you without any drama. It can be done it just depends on the people in the situation and how much you can take if the situation isn’t going right. You see where I’m coming from. Because one do want to be with a man who doesn’t want to be in his child’s life? I not wishing anything on you ,but how would you feel if the situation was on you and he didn’t want to be involved and didn’t want anything to do with the child? Now it’s different if she doesn’t want him around, but even so he has a right. These are all things you are going to have to ask yourself, because dealing with my sister and watching her they will come up. I wish you the best of luck. You need anymore advice funmail me I’ve seen the situation go down in different ways.

Answer #3


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