What should I wear on my night out ?

Im going out on friday, and I want to wear my red strapless dress, itrs a square neck and its plain and slim. I have short styled hair, which goes into a little longer than a bob style, my hair is brown. Would I look stupid if I wore it down straight, and bac k comb it a little, becuase it is to short to curl. Also what jewllerey should I wear and what colour heels :)

Answer #1

I would say do back comb it and add a skinny headband to it. Then you can wear black heels. And throw on a black cardigan if you have one for a nice polished look. If you are small chested wear a necklace with a big design if you are large chested wear a necklace with a small design. And depending on your style a simple silver bracelet.

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