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What should I tell her?

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This is another one of my two-part questions.
I really like this one guy.His name is Jerick.He recently started hanging out with me and my friends when we go outside.My best friend Rachel likes him too,but she also said that she likes another guy,as a backup,in case I get Jerick first.Today,my insane science teacher let us out a little early.I went downstairs and put my book away like I usually did.Jerick was walking slowly and didn't speed up until I nearly passed him.I was walking with Jerick and another friend of mine named Johnathan.We were all laughing and joking about something.Jerick leaned over and said something to Johnathan.Then he looks over at me and asks "Hey you want to go out?"I thought for about half a second and said 'maybe...'I was just teasing him.He asked "well is that a yes or a no?" I told him it was a yes.We had to separate to get to our buses.
Before we move on,here's my first question: What should I tell my friend Rachel about me and Jerick going out now?She likes him a lot too.
Now,moving on.I got on the bus.I was sooo happy.Normally,I'd just turn on my MP3 player and stare out the window.But not today!!! I was grinning and laughing a lot.Then my ex-boyfriend Jeffrey gets on the bus.He looks at me and says "Hey you're not emo today!" I asked him"Why should I be?" Then he asks me about what I thought of his 20th video for youtube.I only managed to see about a minute of it.So far,my favorite part is where his friend Santiago pretends he's magic and flicks the lights on and off.Then Jeffrey starts saying that I like Santiago!!! I don't 'like like' Santiago.He's more like a distant friend AND he has a girlfriend.I told Jeffrey over and over "I DON'T LIKE SANTIAGO!!!" Then he moved on to this other guy that I hang out with named Darick.He said "Ok.You like Darick then." I immediately freaked out and yelled "YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR MIND!!! I DON'T LIKE HIM EITHER!!!And,Darick has a girlfriend too" Jeffrey said that my reaction told him that I DID like Darick and the fact that I'm defending myself so hard is because he's right,which he's NOT!! Now for my second question:How do I show Jeffrey that I DON'T like Santiago OR Darick? The last thing I want is for my ex-boyfriend to go around spreading sh*t about who I like.