What should I get pierced?

I really want to get piercing and I love the way the fake ones look on me and so I want to know what yalls favorite piercing is..so then I can decide what to get pierced :)

Answer #1

get a smilie its a very small rin gyou get through the piece of skinholding your upper lip to your gums its really cute when you smile cause if you get the one balled rings all you see is the little ball. one of my friends had that done

Answer #2

if itz for a girl I think a nose peircing looks really reeely goood… for a guy an ear peircing …

a nose peircing looks raeely cute trust me…


Answer #3

Anti-Tragas - rather rare piercing to see (in my area anyways)

I actually have never met another person who had it pierced (its a part of the ear by the way)

Answer #4

I really like where a person has one just below their bottom lip, I think that can look really sexy, especially on men!

Answer #5

I like ones on the top side of the ear and if youve got the rite belly, get one on the bellly, ther cute but I think theyr a paiin and id think that your shirt and stuff would etcought on it but watever you do make sure you wont regretit.

Answer #6

why dont you pierce your lip or nose

Answer #7

Ooh I’ve got an idea! Hope about you get what YOU like.

Pretty much everyone has a different one that they like the most. Some people don’t like them at all. Who cares what they don’t or don’t like?

Your the one who’s gonna be living with it, and it’s your body. Just get what you like the most! =]

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