What should I get my boyfriend for christmas??

I’m 16 my boyfriend is 17, I want to get him something special that he can always have with him because he always feels like he’s screwing up around me since I’m his first true love. Should I get him jewelry? My budget is $50.

Answer #1

yes. A man always feels TRUSTED and HONORED with a ring of some sort. it will show you love him no matter how much he ‘screws up’. Pluss just because you love him doesnt mean you have to buy your love. you dont have to buy him anything over $50, but that is up to you

Answer #2

Well, he’s your boyfriend…you should know what interests him. If he likes jewelry, then go for it; if not, think about something useful for him.

Answer #3

well it all depends on how long you have been dating, and how old he is

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