What should i get him for christmas?

What should I get him for Christmas? Every year I have the hardest time figuring out what to get the male half of my family for christmas. I've done cologne, socks, and sports equipment. Any novel ideas would be appreciated.

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Guys in my family like gadgets. Especially fun electronics and tools with lots of buttons and lights. I guess it depends on your budget They also like shaving and hair care items, nuts, cheese, and also gourmet chocolates.

Hopefully Give you a few ideas to go on :)

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Dear gardner3,
Isn't it hard to come up with new ideas...I know I find this very challenging too. It they are bachelors (bought this for my son) the new spaghetti cylinder cooker is great...he loved it. If they drive gas certificates, de-icers or anything to make driving easier. Also a big hit with my son was an MP3 player. Hope you can use some of these ideas.
Sue....good luck

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What about a nice belt?

fiance pressent for christmas?

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