What should I get for my face?

I am 13 almost 14 and I have many peircings I want but I don’t know which ones to get or how much they will hurt! I want angel, snake, or spider bites or just 1 lip peircing. I also want my septum peirced or a stud on my nose. And last thing I want is my eyebrowl peirced. I have ways to get them peirced and places to get the earings for the peircings but my parents dont allow it. Which peircings will be easy to hide and how much does it hurt?

Answer #1

hahah if they’re on your face I don’t see how any of those can be easy to hide! I have my navel tongue and nape pierced but I’ve never wanted any on my face because I fear they’ll leave ugly scars… so sorry I guess I’m no big help. Which ever you do… MAKE SURE THE PIERCERS A PRO.

Answer #2

ya some kids do but I do a lot of things us kids shouldnt…

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