What should I get for my birthday, its next week and I have no idea

I am turning 15 on April 9th and I am not sure what to get. I would rather you not say money as then I would have to ask what to get with said money. hehe. I have around £250 ($370) to £300 ($450) as my mum feels guilty that my aunty took her and my sister to NYC for my sisters bday and due to a divorce my aunty can not take me. I have no idea on what to get so ANY suggestions would be great. I am really desperate haha So give me lists and cool sites to check. If you say summin like psp games please mention a few. :) Thank you very much for your time.

Answer #1

get some video games that your friends would probably like to play. ask your friends what games they like, then buy it if you like it.

Answer #2

a girlfriend is always a gud option ask your sister 2 go find 1 4 u.. and that can be her prezzie…lol.

Answer #3

umm a new cellphone… ipod touch… ipod nano… tv…and dvd player…and dvds…

Answer #4

umm a singstar…

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