What to get my 12-year-old boyfriend for christmas?

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my friend and I have the same "anniversary" and our one month is on christmas! we have no cluee what to get either one of them?! help ! we dont want to get them a gift cardd (lame) so yeah HELP!

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I asked mine and he said he would like a basketball or soccer ball

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I have the same problem! thats why I searched "what to get my 12 year old boyfriend for his birthday". its kinda weird but me and him have the same birthday, may 28th.my friends told me he got me something realyyy nice and that im going to loveee! but im so nervous. I don't know what to get for him!?!?!?

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Some G.I. Joes and a box of Crayons. =D

I can't remember what 12 year old boys like (that was like, half my life ago). But I can say that you could probably get him just about anything and he'll like, because its from you.

Just buy a Bracelet, T-shirt, or a Necklace for him.

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a hat of the favorite sports team or even a t shirt of something you know he would like

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a necklace is usually good but they love just a holidays kiss good night.

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II have the same problem but I know this girl is getting her boyfriend dog tags and we're teenagers and a hate would be nice too:)

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kk well me and my boyfriend have been dating for 4 years when christmas comes it will almost be 5 years and he has like verything hes ever want dirt bikes , cod's,t'vs,necklaces,nice cloths ... the years be fore this I hae got him timberland boots and sweaters , a watch with our names ingrave, dog chain with our name engraved in it , colone, just about a lot of thing hes got me like so much nice stuff and he buys it from out of the country or like city hes bought me a horse(we put it in his barn), p-j's. necklace's from florida, braclets from mexico ,15 carrot ring , hes bought me like so much stuff and this year I dont know what to buy him do you think he would like and ipod touch for christmas???

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I have the same exact problem. We've liked eachother for a while. But I might go with bcj's suggestion. Maybe a necklace.. But boys dony usually where jewlrey/ and what if he doesnt like jewelry.?!?!?!? it will just be wierd. He bought me like 12 things already and weve been dating for 2 months! wow. he wrote me a letter saying how much he loves me! ugh!

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well I know for a fact guys will like just about anything you get them because it is from you but you stil should get them something nice... guys usually arent picky when it comes to girls giving them presents so a gift from a girl is just a sweet gift... not a "but him what he wants or heis going to be mad" its just something to remeber you buy...not a new thing that all his friends are going to want.. believe me I have had the sme boyfriend since 3rd grade...I am 17!

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I've been wit my boyfriend for just over a year - by Christmas it will be 14 months... We were both into twilight last year so I got him the book for christmas and new moon for valentines day... his b-day I got him a bunch of little things - but now I dont have a clue what to do this year... he got me a really nice bracelet with heart charms on it last year and a really pretty gold anklet for my b-day... I dont no if he would wear jewlery - I think he would - but what kind? my mom sugested id bracelets... but I havent seen anyone wear one - ??? help!!

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ya I have the exact problem...me and my boyfriend have been going oyut for 3 months and this other girl got her boyfriend a jersey but I mean im not made of money!!...HELP ME!!!

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shark tooth necklace

t shirt


gift card to the mall

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Me and my boyfriend have been best friends for over 2 years and weve been dating for 4 months by the time christmas comes we'll be dating for 6. He's 15 and im 14.(im turning 15)but I dont know what to get him for christmas.I've already given him ingraved lighters,and cds. but how can I top that?

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I am 13 and have been dating this guy for a month tomorow and this month I have to deal with Our Aniversary him and his twin sisters (my best friends) birthdays and valentines day and I have a money limit ughhh HELP I was thinking an Armour necklace or dog tags or a cd (but he has and ipod) but like home mad crap is sooo stupid bad ideas I wish I guy would come on here and tell us what other guys like

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a batman game or a skateboard

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me and my boyfriend have been together for 26 months and I have no clue what to get him! I have already gotten him everything you can think of and I dont know! I was thinking a necklace? or a hoodie? or I have no clue! someone help!!!

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My friend bought her boyfriend a jacket from holister.Honestly just get him something namebrand and he'll love it.That's what I'm getting my boyfriend for Christmas.Trust me he'll love it

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my boyfdriend and I are bestfriends so it been weird going out with him, but I went out with him twice over the summer (2009) and I now since dec 3rd we've been going out. my birthday is on dec 17th and you know what he got me for my birthday?? a 50$ coach wallet and lip gloss. I was happy of course. so christmas is coming up (2009) and I have know clue what to get him. and I am 14 and so is he. but its weird with whatever I get him, because I know he is gonna tell all his friends, and I don't want to get him a necklace, because that seems gay. but if I did I would give him a key and I would have the heart <3 but I think I might get him a t-shirt, or something filled with lots of candy maybe a hat. but its hard topping off a coach purse. hahah goodluck anyways ;D

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Me and my boyfriend have been dating for like two weeks and I have no idea what to get him!
He is 12 years old

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Well i'm practically 12 years old too and i have got this boyfriend in my class, and this is our first Christmas together, and he said that he's getting something really amazing!!-- but i have no idea what to give him, i'm thinking about giving him a snake necklace, my friend said to give him a card, but i thought it would be lame compared to his gift, so yeah.

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