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What should I do With my life??

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KK I know this really isnt a quetsion its just that I need to vent idnt know my life is totally going down the drain it went frm being so good to beign so bad so fast. School suks my grades are getting wrse and wrse. Im still in love with my ex but she thinks I've hurt her to much and want even talk to me anymore. My soccer team is garbage. I have a swim meet coming up and im not as fast as I should be. Guitar is my only real passion right now and im not even that good cause I've been playing for like 3 months. mY wrkout plan is all msessesd up and I feel I have no motivation. I love music. im a dreamer. Reality suks though. I also love sports but im so inconsistent one day il play really good the next really bad. I just have nthing in my life to keep me going. I cant open up to anyone anymore and everyday things get wrse and wrse. just what the hell should I do?