What should I do to spice my look up?

Im 15 almost 16, I have long goldish blonde hair, bra length. I’m 4’11 with braces, brown eyes. I’ve been told I have a ‘Hella nice’, ‘ghetto’ ‘bubble’ butt, I weigh 107. I want to look at least 17, but I’m afraid my heightis in the way, along with my braces; that I MIGHT get off this month :D. Is there any type of clothes that will make my curves stand out and my height be LESS noticable? I also pay for all my clothes and makeup.. So name brand/ designers are almost out of the question. Thank you!

Answer #1

well I got this out of a magazine hope it helps:

if your petite, wear a cropped vest to add curves.

if your slim, wear long scarves to show off your long limbs

if your curvy, wear waist garments tat show off your waisty curves.

hope that helps

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