What should I do to help my new mother dog to care for her puppies?

My new dog gave birth yestarday to eleven puppies. I notice that she is kinda rough with them. For example, when she gets up she kinda steps on them and it frightens me because she might kill them. Also, when they try to drink her milk, she doesn’t get in a good position for all of her puppies to drink milk. It looks like she just wants to be comfortable instead of caring for her puppies. I want to know what should I do? Should I take her puppies away from her and care for them myself? Or just know that she knows what she is doing?

Answer #1

That is so sweet. Make her as comfortable as possible, away from noise like the tv, etc., no loud music. If you have some soft classical music that can help her but still not too loud. In cas she needs a rest from the pups climbing on her have a wind-up clock that ticks and the pups will feel soothed by it.
I would also make sure I fed her realy healthy. A little cottage cheese. It has none of the negatives of milk but lots of calcium and protein they can digest well. And some leftover veggies from supper likd peas and carrots etc. Take a soft warm wet wash cloth and wiper her face and eyes and talk to her softly tellin her what a good girl she is., and her ears. Hope that helps.

Answer #2

She’s doing just what a new mother dog does, its important to let her do her thing. She will get the hang of it. We had puppies on the 7th on January…and it took about two days for her to get the idea, she has to be careful with them and she still nurses in shifts not all at once (don’t blame her there) We built a whelping box with an inner rim so the mother couldn’t roll over on them and squish them against the side of the box, and it also has a heating lamp and a rug , which I recommend several of…you can toss them out or wash them as they get dirty. Puppies grow super fast so make sure you feed the mom extra food, I would stay away from calcium rich foods as they can cause a disease known as milk fever, and just feed a good puppy food to the mother, that is what our vet recommended. Also make sure you take tons of pictures and weigh each puppy every day to make sure their gaining everyday.

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