What should i do to get over him?

Well I'm 13 and my ex-boyfriend is 13 too. Ok, my boyfriend broke up with me awhile back... but last weekend he gave me two kisses on the lips. Why? Also how can I get over him. I just can't avoid him cause he's my best friend and we like always hang out together. So how can I get over him and why did he kiss me?

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aww i was in ur position before... i was 14 just split with my bf and we went skool together so saw eachother everyday and he was my best friend.... and him kissing u,sumtimes wen u go from bf and gf to just friends its weird and u just do things like tht automatically... it's hard to move on from someone when u still see them all the time. My suggestion would be to spend less time with eachother or stop seeing eachother altogether, i know that's hard when u say he's your best friend but everyone is very close to bfs and often when u split with a bf it feels as tho ur losing a best friend too but sometimes its for the best! by giving eachother some space u'll find it much easier for u both to move on and maybe in a while u can go back to being just friends but its not easy to just make the switch without some space for a little while! hope u find a way to move on! :)

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