What should I do to get my parents approval?

I am 21 years of age, a newly nursing graduate. I had 5 ex-boyfriends during my college days without my parent’s knowledge. I have a suitor who happens to be my neighbor. I like him since I was in highschool, but I wasn’t able to know him because I was too busy with my studies. It was just this year that I found out that he liked me too since then. He courted me recently. I like him very much, but I am scared if my parents will approve of him courting me. My father knows him. He is a very nice guy. What should I do? I know that I will be affected of what my parents will say about him.

Answer #1

Congratulations on getting your nursing degree at such an early age !! - I’m sure all are very proud of you - my youngest did the same at 21, now at Stanford Univ ICU - since he is a nice guy, you shouldn’t have much trouble - I would bring it up, “What would you say if… - I think you’ll be fine - fatherly advice coming here: since you’re so young, if you save even just a little for a nestegg now, you’ll be very surprised what it will grow to…I wish you every success/happiness !!

Answer #2

you are 21! your parent cant tell you who you cant and can date. geeze! stand up for yourself…learn to be a proud woman. if your parents dont like who your dating then tough!

Answer #3

try hihnting it and see what they think about it first before you tell them

Answer #4

Dear joeyam2, If you are living under their roof then you do have rules to follow. You are at an age and with a degree to move out. Until then you do what they wish and if that means not dating this guy then you don’t. It’s time to get on your own. Find a good job, a nice apartment and then you will be able to make your own rules. Sue…good luck

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