What should I do they both mean a lot to me?

Ok so I have a boyfriend rightnow but I recently have been talking 2 my ex and wellme and him have liked eachother since we were in 2nd grade and im in 8th rightnow I have always liked him as well a friend at the moment and well hes 1 of my best friends and I love him but I found out that he is going 2 move 2 texas and I don’t know what to do im going 2 see him this weekend and well I kinda want 2 give him a goodbye kiss I have a boyfriend tho so should I kiss him goodbye or should I not? I feel that at the moment that I should but then im going 2 feel like a cheater later and I realy do like my boyfriend and I don’t want 2 hurt him if he were 2 find out!

Answer #1

Don’t do it. You’ll just open up old wounds and make things complicated. Stay friends, let him go to Texas with a light and happy heart. You’ll have a clean conscience and feel better around your b-friend too.

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