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Okay, well me & My boyfriend went to prom this weekend & we had an amazing time, He’s been my boyfriend for almost a year & a half. & when he adds the pictures of us on his page, He adds a picture of his prom 2 years prior to this prom of his old date? I relize that it was a while ago, & wasnt going to let it bother me cause I know how much he loves me, but It’s really bothering me =/

Answer #1

Why do you automatically asume its Jealousy? I’m just upset that he would add something like this, from the past right after we just had an amazing time out our prom. I’m not jealous at all, Because I relize that it was from the past & I have nothing to worry about I was just kinda upset that he did that.

Answer #2

try your best to let it go. nothing ruins a relationship faster than jealousy.

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