What should I do my best friend lied to me ?

My best friend recently told me and our other friend that she was raped when she was seven by an old friend of ours - we’d recently got back in touch with – we’re only 14 but I dont think I can forgive her, everyone in our school found out and she went through hell - I kind of felt sorry for her, but now the school are kind of turning to me and asking me why im not talking to her — but also im scared that if we make friends again she’ll lie to us again. Our other friend has forgiven her - but she hasnt been friends with her as long as I have What should I do?

Answer #1

see did it for attention. dont be mad at her forener it was one mistake now what if she wasnt lying then what would you do think of that

Answer #2

I dont think its fair that you are turning your back on your friend, yes she made that mistake of not telling you, but the thing is that its something very emberassing and traumatizing and im sure its very hard to talk abt it, even to your bestie. Be there for her, Im sure she really needs her best friend in a time like this, and dont be afraid abt her lying to you, its sad that she didnt tell you before, but also it would be emberassing to know “the friend” raped her…so go talk to her and be her friends ;]

Answer #3

No, she didn’t get raped - thats the lie, she admitted to lying to us about him raping her!!!

Answer #4

dont be mean be her friend again everyone makes mistakes and we have to just get over it.

Answer #5

if it was a mistake then I say forgive but if it happens again tell her you better not but lying just to get attention especially off something that big

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