What should I do, keep likeing him or move on?

hey. so I dated this boy for a little over 5 months. We were in love and our relationship was very serious. one night we were both in bad moods, once thing led to another and we were fighting. I got mad and broke up with him. we talked about it and I told him im very sorry and hope we can move our relationship forward. he told me he thinks we should take a break. I respected this and then he started dateing another girl. I still talk to him and know he likes her very much. But he tells me he regrets the decision of taking a break and tells me he still likes me. I dont know what to do. should I try to move on or should I continuew to like him? this whole situation is tearing me up. my heart is broken. Please help! X0X0.

Answer #1

If he is still with her then he doesn’t like you as much as he is telling you. He probably doesn’t want to see you move on to someone else. He wants his cake and eat it too. For now, I’d say move on.

Answer #2

I had the same problem talk to him and just be blunt i know its embarasing but you have to ask. Ask him if there is any chance you will ever get back to gether if he says he doesnt know or even no then you have to move on.If he says yes and he continuse to date the girl tell him you cant wait forever and that you cant wait for him and the girls to break up hope it helps…good luck <3

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