What should I do... it is getting really annyoing?

Well, yesterday I had this festival thing at school, and I went there with basically everyone from my class and the other grades. 2 guys I really think are annoying kept touching my ass and stuff and its getting annoying… I dont care talking to them normaly but not if they keep on doin that. Thing is I dont know how to react when they do that. >:(. I have a feeling most of the guys from upper, my, and one grade below.. just want to be next to me to touch my ass and like me because of my body. What should I do?

Answer #1

well..I think you should just tell them to not touch you like that again in a nice way…you dont want to tell a grow up because they might not like you nomore and people with hang with them…so yea..just say its annoying..I know how guys are..they’ll stop =]

Answer #2

also I am not the agressive type.. the one that slaps people and yells at them :s

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