this is a bit long but please hep me !!!so like I ‘ve liked this guy and I don’t know if he likes me or not but he does look or stare or glance at me a lot, he always tries to get my attention and he seems often to be around the places that I m at. even though we have the same class but we’ve never talked to each other and he s the clown of the class, he’s a bit mean, too.Then I decided to send him a greeding card on christmas through my school ASB since they had a service that help people send gifts on christmas.. anyway! I wrote kind of obviously to show him that was me, I also wrote “say hi to me if you know who I am” and sign “L…” !! then after he got the card and I was there too. after he read it, he just stared at it and then ate the candy cane which was a part of the gifts and there was balloon too. Later , like at the last few minutes of the class, he gave the card to his friends and joked about it, I had no idea if he knew it was me!! he gave the balloon to his friend! the end of the class, I was walking in the hall, he tried to get close to me but his friend pulled him back so I just walked away(havent say anything yet)then at lunch he saw me was walking toward so he seperated himself and walked pass by me (still no words) then the last time I saw him was when I was walking to my locker, he saw me too so he turned around and waited for me at the far distance but since he joked about my card I got mad at him and totally ignored him. I don’t know what the eff he was thinking since I wrote too obviously for him. my gut tells me that he has feelings for me too but this drove me crazy already my friend told me that he s such a jerk what I have to do ??? is he a jerk or shy ??? help me!!! should I move on ??

Answer #1

He sounds like a bit of a tw*t, if I was you onestly id go for someone, who would care for you a treat you well. this guy sounds like hel mess you around. but then again I dont have all the facts to fully say no.

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