What should i do if my crush smokes weed???

I have the biggest crush on this sweet, fun, gorgeous guy. He's everything I ever wanted in a guy in I think he likes me too. I understand its high school and tons of people smoke it, but like its an everyday thing. He rolls joints in class and talks about him being high and ending up somewhere weriod and his friend driving him while high. I never knew this about him till today. He came back from lunch asking me for gum to help rid his breath of smoke which from looking at him you would never guessed he did. Then he just started taking weriod to me and I didnt know how much of a dirty mind he has. But I'm still so crazy about him. I want to be his girlfriend I would be nervous with him. I wish I never found out about it. Should I still go for him?

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but his friend drove him while being high and he dosnt even think anything of it. I understand that a lot of people do it but him and his friends are putting other people in danger now on the road. but I feel stupid just telling him that.

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I myself used to smoke weed and not to burst your bubble or anything but smoking and driving isnt dangerous. Its like drinking a cup of water and driving. Everything you were told as a child about pot is wrong. As a child you were conditioned into believing pot was bad, its not. I smoked about a half ounce a day every day and I was a straight A student.

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For one let me tell you this, I smoke everyday and I still work, pay for college, pay for my car, and rent my own place. I don't act stupid, I don't talk stupid, I don't forget what I did and with who, It does not impair my driving. I remember when I first started and sometimes you get really giggly, but he is just asking for attention. If he said he blackedout while drunk and woke up somewhere weird, I would totally beleive it, but in the 8 years I have been smoking I have NEVER woke up somewhere and didn't remember because I was high. He's immature and he thinks he is cool, but really it's more cool when he doesn't broadcast to the world. I had certain friends I hung out with everyday and smoked with and we always had a blast, but we had a pact what happens here stays here and my crew is still tight today.

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if you feel that deep about it talk to him but people say unnormal things when high. BUT weed aint that bad

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