what should I do if my boy friend wants to have sex with me?

he’s 17 and I am 16 and I really want him to and he wants to but im worried bout my parents if I get pregnant. should I do it protected or unprotected? and does anyone know any good positions??? please help.

Answer #1

condom no doubt get a few extras if one breakes and you can always get birth control

Answer #2

its personal choice but uhhh protection is the best answer if you dont wanna get prego

Answer #3

Definitely protected if you don’t want to get pregnant. If it breaks for some reason, get Plan B the next day.

Answer #4

You don’t want to get pregnet. Obously you need to use protection. What kinda qiestion is this? “ Should I use protection or not?” Yet you are worried about having sex and getting pregnet. I don’t think that you are ready, your insucure and asking if you use protection or not! But at the end it comes to your choice, but protection is defenetly what you should do.

Answer #5

You should do it if you want to, use a condom and maybe save up som money… 50$ to buy plan B ( a pregnancy prevention pill) if the condom ends up breaking. I have sex with my boyfriend all the time and I haven’t gotten pregnant and niether have my friends. It’s not somethnig to be ashamed of and its perfectly natural. so just be prepared.

Answer #6

no matter what even if your married use protection because you never know if he has something that he isnt telling you. always use condoms

Answer #7

Do it if you think you want to but not forcing yourself and yes. You must protect your ownself. There’s something we called condom. Use it ! That’s the way to protect yourself.

Answer #8

if you dont want to do it then dont, dont do it just because your boyfriend tells you that he wants to, p\but yea go protection all the way if you do decide to

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