what should I do if I like someone but scard to tell him?

I prefer boys to answer to see what they think. but I like this boy since I was in 7th grade. hes only a few months younger than me. we are both in 9th grade now and we go to the same church and I have a huge crush on him but I feel like a cant tell him. and im not getting my friends to do it for me. thats just stupid. but what should I do!

Answer #1

okay! thankyou! but me and him talk, like friends and we text. but its hard for me to tell him I like him because I dont want to mess it up. everytime I have a boyfriend it dosent last because we never hung out. so I was going to wait till april when we can go out and hang out on our own. thats when I get my own car and my resticted:) lol but thanks for your help.

Answer #2

Just ask, from experience I know it happens, I thought my friends were completely kidding when I heard one of the hot girls in my class liked me in 9th grade and I did ask her and it turned out to be true, whether you have the benefit of knowing/thinking they like you it probly won’t hurt to ask, maybe if you still feel you can’t tell/ask him, then get to know him better? Say hi to him and sit next to him and if he doesn’t shoo you away then go for it after a while

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