What should I do.. I was sexually harrased?

When I was 7 or 8, my cousin raped me. At that time, I had no knowledge of what happened. Then, it was my uncle who raped me. 4 years after that, I learned about what happened because my other cousin touched my private part while I was sleeping and I felt so bad that I got sick the next day. My mom does not know about me getting raped because I don’t want her to feel bad. And just recently, someone went in my room but I got up so he ran out but I did not do anything because of fear. But since this happened to me a lot, I kind of got used to it and whenever I feel like someone will sexually harrass me, I would not move at all, not even run. Am I traumatized? Sometimes, I think that I just made this all up. Did I and if I did… How come I remember exactly what happened. I just don’t know anymore.

Answer #1

I was raped also when I was 15 .. I didnt tell my parents .. my fiance told mt mom when I was 17 … parents take it very hard .. but you need to tell your mom that this has been happening .. I also started to feel like maybe it was all in my head .. that if I thought it never happed thet I could go on with my life and forget it .. but you cant .. it will never leave you .. just last march I final filed a report against the man who assaulted me . but I feel I waited to lon g.. my case was thrown out .. you need to file a report but dont get your hopes up .. when I got the call I was humileated .. it felt like it was all happening again .. I couldnt understand how some one could get away with what they did to me .. but due to lack of evidence (no rape kit was taken) and not enough witnesses it was .. I was so mad but now im ok with it .. not with what happened but with the fact that they had nothing but my word to go on .. I have been seeing a sexual assault conselor since I was 15 and it has helped .. but even to this day there is only one person that knows what happed in full detail and that is the cop who took my statment .. its part of the healing process… you need to do it in order to move forward … you will never be able to forget what has happened but I’ve been told in time you will find a way to stop blaming yourself and forgive those who have done this .. its been almost 5 years for me and I have yet to feel that way but if you ever need anything or any one to talk to just ask .. ill always be here to help you any way I can


Answer #2

well first thing first understand that it is not your fault what happen to u,u weren’t the cause of it ,second tell someone anyone your mom,friend,teacher.somebody so they can help u I how you overcome this and turn out fine p.s

I know how you feel I was raped by my dad when I was 7 and if me until I was 13 to come out and tell me mom about it I was so depressed all those years but now im fine because I told someone I love and cared about and she got me help

Answer #3

You should tell someone. It’s never a good thing to be touched innapropriatly if it’s not wanted. That best thing to do, would be to tell someone about it right away.

Answer #4

okay, this happened to me. adn in 4th grade, I decided to tell a teache. and I already got my period, adn im not pregnat. so if you havent gotten yours, I hope you wont be either. and after I told, the pollice got involved, adn I htink he got arrested…

Answer #5

tell your mom. this could follow you into your adult hood and you dont want to be emotionally scared. if you dont one day you might not see another day

Answer #6

you need to tell somebody! if you dont want to tell your mum then maybe the school counsellor or a teacher or a friend’s mum/dad but you need to have somebody to confide in, a trusted adult. and if you are scared these things will keep happening then you are not in a safe home and need to have somebody to protect you! you are not alone- there are support groups about this stuff and other people that have gone through the same thing that you could be friends with.

Answer #7

If your not sure if they are real or not you still need to talk to someone about it. Talk to your mom, teacher or counselor. Even a psychologist can really help you out.

Answer #8

I think these matters go beyond FunAdvice hun and let me warn you, this question will most likely get deleted before anyone else can answer BUT you NEED to talk to a trusted adult, and if the people close to you dont believe you, maybe contact a teacher, student counsellor if you have one at school, or call a child hotline there are peolple who you can tell who wont get you in trouble, and they can get you to safety this isnt okay and you shouldnt let it continue goodluck hun

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