What should I do about really liking this guy?

I really like this guy! but we go to different skools! we liked eachother for a while and we went out a few times however I was quite annoying because I just made up lame excuses a few times when he asked me to go see him just because I couldnt be bothered going out..I knwww I hate myself for that now!!! anywayys his best friend is a girl and I rlyy didnt mind it much until they started getting way too close and he would make his status on a social site as I love jenna (his best frnd) and stuff!! and thts when we started not talkin much.. then I told him that wtv we have is not rlyy workin.. and he started being really weird he said we ddnt really have anythn..but then after like 5mins he says so what should we do?! and I was annoyed so I just said I dunno and I left!! now its been around 3 weeks and I still rlyyy like him!! we dont talk like we used to!! and he is alwaaays wid jenna and stuff!!! I dont know if he likes her!! I also find it hard to talk to him because I dont want to seem desperate and im the one who usually starts talkin first!! yesterday we were chattin online and I asked him if he wanted to meet up. and he said ‘I cant today I have to go to a football match thing’ and then I was like ‘o oki :(‘ and he said ‘I havent seen you for soo loong :s’ so I said if he wanted to meet up this tuesday! and he said ill see!!! so I dunnooo im sooo confuuuseeed plzzz heeelp mee!!! I knww this was rlyy long but I rlyy neeed help :D thaaanks if you read what I wrooote :):)

Answer #1

I think he only likes you as a friend. He may like you more than that, and meaby thats why he just ya know sais short words as well as you do. Best friends are best friends, I have a best friend who is a boy, and were close, and people are starting to say I like him.. and I don’t it just seems like it because were so close. Have you tried asking? Meaby out of the casual ask him if him and his best fiend are workin out, and from there you’ll get the truth. The chances are 50-50 he may like you, witch seems to be the fact, but hteres also a possiblity that he does not and only sees you as a friend.

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