WHat should I do I rear ended someone and they didnt pull over?

I slammed my breaks on (it was raining) and was skidding and hit the car in front of me going maybe about 2-5 mph. I DON’T KNIW IF I DAMAGED THE CAR I do know that I hit them. I followed the car for about a mile and they didnt pull to the side of the road. so I just made my turn and went home. there was no damage done to my car. is it possible they get my license plate number if they wrote it down while I was behind them and then tell police I did a hit and run when I followed the car for about a mile and they didnt pull over?

Answer #1

the title is amazing lol

best thing to do is go to teh police and tell them what happened

this will cover your back

the police will ask for a registration… did you get it?

if you did go to teh police :)

Answer #2

they probably didnt stop because they were drunk, high, in the possession of illegal stuff, or had just committed a crime. that would make them calling the po’s very unlikely, but these people are right you might want to file a report just to cover your a*s. most any cop will tell you what I just said. When people dont stop after an accident that was no fault of their own, they are usually doing something BAD

Answer #3

Report it to the police yourself. Chances are the other person did not want to be involved with the police and will not report it.

Your dilemma is: If you report it, you were at fault and MAY be issued a ticket and your insurance will likely go up. If you don’t report it and the other person does, then you WILL be issued a ticket for the accident AND a hit and run and you insurance will either drop you or raise your premiums high enough that you might drop them. Lastly you can forget about it and if the other person is not reporting it then no tickets, no insurance bump.

As Clint Eastwood said: ‘You’ve got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya …?’

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Answer #5

You should be fine. Don’t worry, you might not be at fault, but you should filed a police report about the incident in minor car collision.

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