What should I do, I hate my best friend?

Just recently, I have fallen out with my best friend. She has been really annoying, and she seems to think that everything should revolve around her. She thinks the world of her self, and doesn’t care about anyone else. One day, walking to school, just completely out of the blue, she started making horrible comments about one of my friends, I let it slip that time, as it wasnt like her to say that, and after all, everyone is intitled to their own opinion. Please help me, I really miss her, but at the same time I hate her. What should I do?

Answer #1

ask her what her problem is … maybe her comments was her trying to get your attention … lay down the law and tell her she cant be like how she is , its wrong to talk about people and she needs to take her flaws out before she can talk about anyone else’s

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