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What should I do? go with the flow or not?

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I been seening that I been changing. before I was focus on Making a better life for myself. but now it just seem like am forgetting about all that and taking a wrong turn. ( seriously). before I was more focus on school and trying to move to a better community. but now it seem like I should stay where am at now. and just live my life on these Violence streets. I mean trying to get some good jobs offer is hard work. there are ton of other way I can get some good cash in my pocket where am at right now ( I might do some jail time tho :O). ya probably going to say I shouldn't just go with the flow. but this life style is seeming more and more temping to me. before I didn't like it but now am getting to like it more and more. the baggy clothes and violence and so much more. is just becoming more temping. I mean what the point of life if you can't enjoy it. I can probably stay here and become one of the biggest People here. or I can go off and live a hard fancy life. there a lot of pro and cons on both side. if I go with the flowz ill probably end up staying here. if I don't I won't...what ya think I should do?