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what should I do? Do you think I should make a move?pleaseee help!?

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One of my closest guy friends has been acting differently around me and im starting to have feelings for him. He recently broke up with his girlfriend who he has been with on and off for a year and a half. I have a feeling they'll probably end up back together but if there is a chance he likes me I want to know if I should make a move or not.

Here are some examples note that almost all of these happened while he was with his girlfriend:

1. We've had a class together since freshman year (were both seniors) and always sit by each other and do projects together.
2. He sits behind me this year, sometimes he'll play with my hair or write his name on my shoulder. He jokes around with me a lot and teases me, we make each other laugh
3. He waits for me after class so we can walk out together
4. Last year, our teacher asked our other friend if we were going out ( he had his girlfriend at that time too) and I think our teacher this year thinks were dating too, sometimes he'll look at us talking and just smile and when he was absent, our teacher asked ME if I knew where he was. I said I don't know ( I really did know I just said the easiest answer) then our friend jokingly said why not, isnt he your boyfriend?
5. We did a group project last year, and we had to make a music video. we did ours to love story by taylor swift. I was juliet and he was romeo. This year, I get a voicemail from him at 1AM singing I am romeo and you are juliet over and over and its a love story baby just say yes. he's mormon, so it wasnt a drunk call. When I brought it up, he would joke around or change the subject.
6.We both play volleyball and he wants me to go to all his home games to watch him play. I missed 2 and both times, he said he was so upset with and kept looking for me in the stands. he says it in a joking way, but apart of me feels like he may be serious.
7.We talk all the time in class, and online too about anything at all.
8. he called me the other day (were on spring break so we havent seen each other in a few days) asking me if a test we had taken in a class we have together was scantron or not. The test was last week, he sits right behind me in that class and knows we never pay attention or do anything in that class, and now he expects me to remember something like that? my friends think he just wanted a reason to talk to me but im not sure.

I dont know what to do, im really starting to have feelings for him and I don't know if I should say something to him if he just going to end up back with his girlfriend. I dont want to ruin our friendship hes been a close friend of mine for years. please help!