what should I do boyfriend-ish problems and a dumb b in the way believ this?

I hate this place yo!!! omg!!

ima make this so freaken short this is the 4th time writing this cr9p!! this is not that freakn great ok im talkn to my best friends because. we talked fo 2 mo?> 300 miles away from my home I went on vaca/ see fam I hookd up wit him got pix a social site/ facebookd

this girl told him I make guys fall for me that im a sl0t, and I love every one fing lies well he told me I wrote her some sh7t she said he said I was just a f so I askd him bout it not mad, no answer for two hrs. so I told him he was a d8ck and never txtd him back. this morning he texts me all this crap about how he would never say that and he sticks up for me he likes me it was really sweet I just don’t want to rewrite this cr4ppp again.. freakn don’t like asking questions on this site.. you cant write them!!!

well d4mn so I don’t know?? dangg this realy sucks the last three were great.. aghh

so forget this yall don’t even know wtf happ //

so should I believe him? my friend said if she had txtd her boyfriend he would have called txtd that min clear that sh7t up he blew me off from 2pm to like 4 pm the next day. so I don’t know if this is even going to be good advise.. but thts all im writing..

thanks if you can help&& its cool if you didnt understand half of it

Answer #1

…S…P…E…A…K… …E…N…G…L…I…S…H…

Answer #2

Would you care to restate your question in English? And try to limit your swearing to every third word. Trying to wade through all your expletives is annoying, and it’s not getting your point across very well, as awesome as you think it sounds.

There are lots of people ready to help you, but you have to meet us halfway and write your question in an intelligible manner. And if you have problems with how the site requires you to post your questions, by all means, tell us about what specifically you don’t like. The site admins are very, very responsive to user complaints, but they have to be more specific than ‘I hate this place yo!!! omg!!’

Answer #3

omg… they keep making c you z turn to because.. its not because its C you Z!!!

Answer #4

its not because its because. *

Answer #5

damn 1st day on an already lotz of readin… im no good with advice but I think your an ahole for calling him a dick wit no reason … srry but thats how I would feel if that was me… I don’t know somm times I forggt to answer people whille im on da computer or txxting because thers mad people talknn at the same time… maybb thats what happened to him

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